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1. Is your platform free to join?
It is absolutely free to join!

2. I carry on several website. Can I promote your campaigns on each site?

Yes, you can have several sites as a Publisher. Tracking the performance of each of your sites separately is possible.

3. Can I live outside of Europe or in the USA and join your program?

Of Course! We welcome publishers from all over the world.

4. I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?
To reset your password, follow the forgotten password link on our welcome page by clicking on

5. Where can I change and edit my data?
Therefor Click the menu item “Account”

6. Do I have to request for a campaign?
Yes you have to. Therefor click on the “Request Offer” button of your desired campaign.

7. Where shall I put my tracking tag/ pixel?

Click the “T” on the right side of your desired campaign.

8. Do I have to choose a global pixel or a custom pixel?

Global pixel means one pixel for every campaign you run. If you want to have different pixels for different campaigns choose “Custom”.

9. Where do I have to place my pixel?

Place your tracking pixel inside the field “Code” or if you have a secured one in the field “code secured”.

10. Where can I look at and edit the tracking URL?

If you want to look at and edit the tracking link you have to click on the offer number on the left side.

11. Where do I have to place my sub/pub ID parameters?

If you want to use a sub/pub ID parameter, please replace the orange marked field you can see inside the tracking URL. If you don´t use a sub/pub ID parameter, you don´t have to edit or replace anything. Just let the link as it is.

12. Why do I get redirected if I register for the second time?
We have a unique IP function placed. When you register two times within 15 Minutes for the same offer you will get redirected. We do not count any double registrations.

13. Where do I find the terms for the campaign?

The terms for each campaign are listed in the “Notes” of the campaign. Therefor you click on the offer number (see FAQ Nr.6). The terms will be shown at the bottom.

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