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gamigo Advertising GmbH, founded in 2012 is based in Hamburg, Germany. As a team of experts, our goal is providing leads with a highly competitive ROI.

As the subsidiary company of the gamigo AG, which is worldwide famous for their MMORPGS and MMOGS like Last Chaos, Fiesta Online, LOONG and Cultures Online, just to mention some of them, our international team, which refers to years of experiences in the gaming industry, holds the exclusive rights to distribute these bestsellers.

Please let me introduce you to the gamigo Advertising GmbH, whose team of experts has the goal to offer a very competitive ROI within a performance marketing network with a clear focal point on browser/client and mobile games. Focusing on multichannel traffic, gamigo Advertising GmbH brings a totally new understanding to high quality traffic. We offer a rich and refreshing consultative approach, which our clients appreciate.

Cooperative partnership with our business associates helps us truly to understand where you stand businesswise and where you want to be in the near future – by finding exact solutions for your needs and objectives.

Allow me to show you our working structure so you can get an insight into how we do things. Our team is split up into two units – publisher management and advertiser management. Our publisher managers are focusing on the affiliates and traffic sources, which we need for new and existing campaigns. Whereas the advertiser managers are responsible for supporting the advertising partners by developing and increasing revenues for all offers booked with us.

As an Affiliate Marketing Company, we offer advertising campaigns on CPL/CPI basis to interesting gaming networks, portals and homepages.

Therefore I would like to invite you to register as an affiliate in our network database and receive offers which can help you using your advertising space in a profitable way.

Remco Westermann


Remco Westermann, born in 1963, is working as CEO at gamigo AG since November 2012 and was also a founder of gamigo Advertising GmbH in December 2012. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of new media with an emphasis on mobile and online entertainment.

Before joining gamigo, he was founder and CEO of the listed company Bob Mobile AG (later Cliqdigital AG). Prior to that, he was co-founder of Zed (a mobile services provider), as well as in executive management positions at Sonera, Balance Point and Rost & Co. Remco graduated from Rotterdam University with a master degree in Business Economics.

Culture and Philosophy

Walk around our office and you’ll see lots of intriguing things: a fridge stocked with refreshments and snacks, football tables ready to roll and co-workers talking passionately about how to transform marketing. Every gamigo believes that marketing is drastically changing for the better and is working to help businesses navigate that change.

gamigo Advertising will change your view on Online Marketing! We are ready to convince you!

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